Welcome to Oikos. This website aims to provide a platform for people to foster the sustainability of people’s ideas and projects. To do so, we follow the Oikos-method that has been developed for this sole purpose: To evaluate and support the ability of ideas to provide long-term solutions for the problems they address.

Introducing the Oikos-method

The method can be summarized in a number of simple principles that mark the starting point for all work flows and tools on this website:

While what we create together may be very complex, every step on the site, together with its accompanied tools, should be very simple and intuitive.

To start with, every idea passes through four stages:

  1. A long-lasting solution can be many things, but not unsustainable.
  2. Detecting problems requires asking the right questions.
  3. The best way to produce mutual growth is to let everything in and then channel sharply
  4. Sustainability, be it social, economical or ecological, arises from the combination of structural stability and relevance.

So how does the page work?

On the website, we provide you with all the tools to turn the Oikos-method into practice. To start with, every idea advances through four stages, requiring you and the group around your idea to demonstrate another aspect of what we believe sustainability to consist in. In this way, your project will gain profile along the way while letting you concentrate on the most important issues at a time. What are these stages?

Every new idea that you submit lands here. This is the brainstorming portal concerning a sustainable development are collected. For every idea the economic, ecologic or social profit has to be roughly determined. If one turns out positive the idea goes to the next level:

On this level a feasibility study of the idea has to be done, which includes the economic calculations and the interrelations between economic, ecologic and social aspects. Every project that is DoAble gets its own Oikos-group an project page. The project page is used to present your idea to visitors and potential investors, while the group is the space to work together on the advancement of the project. The key tool from this point on is the Balance .

On this level the overall calculations, which includes economic, social and ecological calculations, have to be finished and published. Projects that have made it here, have already survived a number of crucial tests and therefore this stage functions as the key portal to attract funding and as a database for investors to accelerate promising projects.

On this level the multiple surplus projects and products are published and marketed. Everything in here can pride itself in being MirAble , which is the Oikos-label for sustainability. MirAble can be bought here.

Want to get started?

If you want to participate, create your personal “ideator” profile and post your ThinkAble ideas or start working on existing projects by simply joining their groups.
Or do you have a standing project that you think is DoAble or even more? Simply post a new project and then submit the “Apply for Doable”-form to get your own project page and group to get going properly!

Any problems or suggestions? Drop us a message using the Support-form or add your suggestions to the public Roadmap.


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